Our Client referral campaign continues with a prize package that’s perfect for the technology enthusiast.
Send in your referrals before the end of June, and you could win our next great package, “High Tech My Tech”, the very latest 4K HDR Apple TV. We’ve even included the HDMI cable so you can get set up and start watching right away.

But wait! There’s more!

Just for fun, we’ve included an extremely cool COULAX Alarm Clock that lets you drift off to sleep with gradually dimming light, simulates sunrise for more natural waking, wakes you up to soothing sounds like birds singing, or – for the children’s room- has 7 different coloured lights.

And finally, if you have EVER misplaced your keys or your phone (and who hasn’t?) then you will really appreciate your new 2-pack Tile Style and Tile Sport. Just download the app to your phone and you’re on your way. Misplaced your keys? Ring or track them from your phone. Can’t find your phone? Press the Tile on your keychain and your phone will play a tune so you can find it. Now THIS is a great idea.

We’ll announce the winner in our next newsletter.

So send us your referral and who knows? Maybe you’ll be our next winner!