Our Marina A. (with two Marina’s, we need to keep them straight!) joined us in November 2015, and in the ensuing 2 ½ years has made herself a valued asset for both our firm and our clients. She’s probably the first smiling face you see when you come to our offices, and during tax season it’s probably inevitable that you will run into her. Thank goodness that keeping everyone organized and on their toes is what she does best, in addition to being a great all around resource.

But did you know she’s a bit of an adventurer and a daredevil? She’s been scuba diving in the Bahama’s, skydiving in Cuba, and is passionate about travelling, finding new adventures, experiencing new cultures and cuisines.

So, given that, it’s no surprise that if she could have any superpower at all, she would pick flying. She also thinks that it might come in handy when she needs to select items from the top shelf. (Only those of you who are vertically challenged as some of us are will truly appreciate that.)

As well as playing billiards, having fun at karaoke, spending time with friends and family and being firmly convinced that there is no such thing as too much cheese or pepperoni on a pizza, she has dedicated a better part of this winter to talking Jodi into letting her open a branch office in Hawaii. After this past winter, it’s worth considering!