Anh joined our team in November 2017 and has jumped right in, helping out wherever we need her. Quite a few of you probably heard from her this spring as she waded through all the tax season paperwork. This was her first tax season and she’s already talking about next year. Thanks for not scaring her away! In the offseason, we’re putting the boardroom table to good use and working on her table tennis game.

Anh has a serious travel bug and her favorite destination is El Nido island in the Philippines. She names this her #1 pick because the locals are so warm and friendly and there are so many activities in which to take part. She highly recommends kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. Although, after tax season, lying on the white sand beach sounds pretty tempting. Anh is also a paperback novel person, especially while travelling. She’s serious about unplugging from technology and drinking in the experience.

And how do we know for sure that Anh is a truly dedicated accounting professional? Well, when we asked her what superpower she would like to magically have, she asked for one that could change CRA’s decisions and the tax system in general! We think she might have been dreaming about TOSI and the small business tax rate.

Anh is all about simplifying, tax savings and leading a healthier life. Looks like she has all of our best interests in mind!