Jodi Rempel

Many of you probably already know that Jodi is super active! If she’s not throwing axes or trying out the new ninja gym in Calgary, she’s knocking people around at derby! This is indeed a full contact sport! Her team did an amazing job and took home bronze medals in the North American West Tournament this summer. Here’s a little sample of what the action looks like (she’s #21, with green skates).

Kevin Vertefeuille

As many of you know Kevin had been MIA from the office this summer but he’s still here in spirit! Making calls, answering emails, and assisting with tax planning, we still try to keep him busy! KV had a great summer racing on his motorcycle and cat-napping with his cat named Scout. They even managed to sleep through the entire 3.3-magnitude earthquake that struck south of Victoria! Quite the nap indeed.


Marina Arcuri

Although Marina A. didn’t get up to too much this summer besides her one camping trip, she had another addition to her family. She adopted from a kitten from the AARC’s in July named Nico and couldn’t be happier! Although her other cat Micia (Mee-Cha) doesn’t seem too ecstatic, she is warming up to her new brother. MA also wanted to express that the human to cat ratio in her household is 1:1 so she’s not a cazy cat lady!…Yet.


Anh Vu

You may know Anh Vu from our last newletter’s spotlight, or you may have already had the pleasure of working with her! AV had quite the busy summer this year but one of her highlights was spending time with her family enjoying the beautiful beach and sea breeze in Monterey, California. Her other highlight from this summer was the Rocky Mountain Soap 10K race in Canmore. What else is better than running around the mountains and wildlife for a good cause!


Alex Glydon

Our newest addition to the VR team, Alex,  joined our office in August 2018 and has already settled in perfectly! This summer AG spent lots of time playing on his rugby team. He also had an addition to his family unit (seems to be a recurring theme here at VR this year) of his 3-year old German Shepard Great Pyrenees named Carter. He was also adopted from AARC’s!