Meet the newest addition to VR, Alex Glydon! (The human in the picture…not the dog). He just started with VR in August but has become an incredible asset to the team and has made himself right at home here. Oh, except for the fact that he’ll be over 4,500 miles away from the office on a family trip to Germany until mid-month… Thanks Alex, we’re not envious at all.

Alex, like others in our office, enjoys staying active. He plays rugby for the Calgary Irish Men’s Rugby Team and has been playing since he was 15 years old! He also played hockey for 13 years and was a goalie for 7, although he admits he hasn’t played in a while. I’m sure rugby alone is quite enough exercise!

As you may see on the summer highlights (check that out here), Alex adopted a new fur-child from Alberta Animal Rescue Centre in July of this year named Carter. What a cute pair these two make!
As VR custom, we like to know what our team’s favorite pizza topping is – it’s quite telling you know! Well, Alex’s choice was BBQ Chicken – great choice indeed.

And lastly, when asked what his preferred superpower would be, he said flying. Which as we all know, would definitely come in handy to avoid those airport security lines when traveling!