Greg is VR’s newest team member and he’s jumping into action during our busiest time of year! You just know he is going to fit in with the team when he brings beer to the team training event.

We’ve been asking Greg a few questions about life outside of VR and let’s just say that he’s an accountant, but not (just like the rest of the team). After hours, Greg’s alter ego plays guitar in a local band. He also enjoys cooking. Apparently he makes a mean Lobster Mac and Cheese with Guinness that he has defined as “happiness.” Team lunch any time now Greg!

And since the surprises keep coming with this one, we asked about his super power. He kept his options open with magic! Greg would love to be able to make things appear (like guitars or money) or disappear (audits, cough, cough). Extra resources would be amazing to help people move forward with ideas or education.

Who’s preparing your tax return? Superman? Clark Kent? You never know…