VR will be closed for all the Fridays in July and August but not to worry, we will always have you covered! With so much time off, I bet you are wondering what the VR team is getting up to?

Jodi Rempel

This summer Jodi is slowing things down and spending time doing the things she loves. Slower mornings enjoying coffee from the hammock, catching up on some reading, followed by patio drinks with friends. The highlight of her summer will be some hopefully hard-hitting roller derby action, playing at Continental Cup with her team. To quote Jodi, “The plans are minimal, so the possibilities are endless!”.

Kevin Vertefeuille

Kevin doesn’t seem to have too much on his radar either this summer besides some R&R like the majority of us. Kevin and Lynn are becoming tennis pro’s and practicing a few times a week. I think the rest of the team might be in big trouble when Kevin comes back for the office ping-pong tournaments!

Alexander Glydon

We are so sad but extremely excited to see one of our teammates take the summer off. Some of you have had the pleasure of working with Alex and now he will be taking the summer off for study and to write the CPA exam! He won’t have much else on the go besides this for the summer as it is an extensive exam process, but he will be spending some much-needed breaks taking his dog Carter for walks. Good luck Alex, we know you’ll do great!!

Greg Schild

Some of you may remember our newest addition to the team, Greg. He was highlighted in our “Spotlight” article a few months ago. Since that newsletter, there is also a possibility you have worked with him in person. We asked him what he had planned for summer. He told us he is going to occupy himself with activities such as camping, recording music with his band, golfing, scuba diving, painting and BBQing – or to quote Greg “Torch and Serve”. Sounds like a blast!

Marina Arcuri

Last but of course not least, we have Marina. She has been fairly busy taking courses, so she is just going to finish up her last two and then she is going to take a break for a month or two. She’s really excited about moving into her new place for the beginning of July and will spend most of the summer turning it into her home. Besides that, she could really use a couple weekend getaways with friends but no plans yet!

We hope all of you get lots of rest and have lots of fun in the sun this summer!

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