Pizza is like tax and accounting…wait, what? Both are best when they are customized for you! What better way to customize pizza than for you to create your own pizza in the comfort of your own backyard! For our client referral program this quarter, VR is giving away a lifetime supply of pizza! (Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be awesome?)

If you send in your referrals by March 31st of this year, you could win an Uuni 3 Portable Wood-Fired Oven with a Stone Baking Board. Uuni runs on wood pellets so no need to split wood or play with an axe! (although you could…) We’ll also throw in some pizza pans, pizza dough, pizza sauce and cheese to get you started!

A quick reminder on how this program works. If you have a colleague or a friend who needs our awesome tax and accounting services, let them know about us and we’ll take it from there! Send us an email at or If they become a client, you can be the next winner!

We’ll announce the winner in our next newsletter!

So send us your referral and who knows? Maybe you’ll be our next winner!