The first person you’ll see when you enter the VR office is the newbie – Kristin De Ocampo (pronounced “Kristine”). We all thought her name was pronounced as “Kristin” but thankfully she corrected us before too long. At least we were spelling it right! (Which may or may not be a pet peeve for someone in the office that starts with a J and ends with an I).

Kristin joined the VR team in October and is now fully adjusted to the love-hate relationship she has with Calgary Transit! (She’s probably not alone in this). Besides spending a ton of time with family and friends, she likes to weight lift and watch Korean dramas outside of work. If you want any recommendations, ask her when you stop by!

We asked about her favorite pizza topping and apparently she doesn’t have one! As long as there are no pineapples or olives on that pizza, she is good to go. Yes, she’s one of those.

We learned that Kristin has an identical twin! Yes, they look the same. Yes, they have the same birthdays. No, her twin is not an accountant (how unfortunate). We often joke about cloning in tax season. This could have been amazing.