And the award for VR’s longest serving team member goes to…Eaton Xing! Eaton has been working with VR since 2007 (or as far as Jodi’s memories go). He is also the most quiet person in the office except for when he’s having a healthy “discussion” with Kevin regarding the best tax planning for our clients.

Eaton has been a jack of all trades in the accounting world. He started in industry 20 years ago and then specialized in audit for non profit organizations (which is very boring according to him). He likes a good brain crunching and that’s where public practice became home for him. He finds it interesting as it is always changing, maybe too much though? If you have ever had the pleasure of working with Eaton, you will definitely know this is the right spot for his skills!  Outside of work, Eaton likes to ski and read.

Because food is important, we asked Eaton about his favorite pizza toppings. His very long list included: ham, mushrooms, olives, Italian sausage, etc. We think it’s safe to assume he’ll eat anything as long as it’s pizza! As for his super power, he opted to be able to cure the virus and get rid of the pandemic for good! Any time now Eaton. We are ready!