With travel restrictions in place all summer, the VR team did our best to get creative. We took advantage of our Fridays off for a few trips to Invermere and the mountains. And we had to test the Lime scooters since they matched our VR colors!

Since most of you are working from home, we thought you might need a few new Netflix recommendations. To fill up your downtime while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte (or any alcohol of your choice, we don’t judge!)

Jodi Rempel

“The Last Dance (Michael Jordan) – I started watching because I was intrigued to hear his story from a more personal level. I had heard little clips about his hard work and dedication but that this was not the whole picture. Hearing the story from other perspectives (teammates, rivals and coaches) really provided a deeper understanding of team sports and what it takes to be a successful team. My favorite part is probably when Michael didn’t make a team and his Mom just told him to work harder.

The Old Guard – This one came highly recommended by KD and it did not disappoint. It just keeps moving and really draws you into the story. It was actually the first thing I watched on Netflix.”

It took a lot of time getting Jodi on board, but she probably has a more extensive list than the rest of the team now!

Kevin Vertefeuille

“Peaky Blinders – Amazing acting and fantastic period piece. Outfits are wonderful. Very violent.

Mind Hunter – True story. Historically correct. Actors are worth watching

Stranger Things – Great for all ages. Binge worthy.

Russian Doll – She is dynamite.

Dark – Mind melting to follow the storyline. Love it or hate it

Cobra Kai – Retro.  Watch Karate Kid first.  Was an independent series that Netflix picked up

Lynn (Kevin’s wife) adds:

Orange is the New Black, The Crown and Tiger King. LOL. I saw this and it’s like watching an accident.”

We initially asked Kevin for two recommendations, but in true Kevin fashion, he gave us everything. This should cover your watch list for the rest of 2020!

Alexander Glydon

“The Witcher – Henry Cavil and gratuitous violence, what else do you need?

Brooklyn Nine Nine – It’s a great series to watch while cooking or doing laundry”

A short and sweet list here to cover whatever mood you may be in. Alex has been watching for years now, so we’re sure he’s got a few more for you!

Eaton Xing

“Interstellar 2014 – Lots of fascinating science behind the screen.  Kip Thorne is the science consultant and executive producer. His guidelines: nothing would violate established physical laws and all speculation is from science and not from the mind of a screenwriter.  Kip is a theoretical physicist. He was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution in the detection of gravitational waves (not the contribution in Interstellar), which Einstein predicted the existence of in 1916.

L.A. Confidential 1997 – This one is not in Netflix but worth recommending. Classic crime film, with a tight, complex plot and great characters.  It is a long movie (almost two and half hours) but you must be able to hold your attention the whole time.  It was nominated for 9 Academy Awards in 1998.”

With all the background details that Eaton provided, I don’t think we need much more convincing to watch these films!

Joshua Martin

“Vikings –  It’s a bit gruesome at times, but really interesting because it is a historical drama, so there is a lot of true history throughout the show. Also, a lot of the filming was done in Canada! And if you get hooked on the show, they have all the seasons on StackTV.

Frontier – For all those Aquaman (Jason Momoa) fans. This was another great series that is also a historical drama, based around the fur trade in Canada. Again, a great deal of filming was done in Canada.

Peaky Blinders – I agree with what Kevin said about it, great series!”

If you’re a fan of Canadian landscapes, you can get started with Joshua’s picks!

Kristin De Ocampo

“Unfortunately, I mostly watch Korean dramas on the platform, but I recommend the following for when I’m tired of reading subtitles:

Modern Family – The characters could not be any more different, but it works! Just like Brooklyn Nine Nine, it’s only 20 minutes per episode which makes it very easy to watch for when you need some background noise doing your household chores. Also, Sofia Vergara is hilarious!

Friends – It’s a classic! Another light and fun sitcom that makes me laugh every time.

The Old Guard – I’d like to believe that this is the reason why JR got Netflix, apart from my constant pestering for her to watch it. Everybody needs to see it!”

Do you have any recommendations for us?