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2021 Federal Budget – Tax Recap

2021 Federal Budget Update After a long break (721 days to be exact), a Federal Budget has been unveiled! Was it what you were expecting? How close were your guesses? As you may have already heard, there were no corporate or personal income tax rate changes. Nor were...

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Grants and Tax Benefits – Did you know about these items?

With all of the previous talk around subsidies (CEWS, CERS, CEBA, CERB/CRB, etc), we thought we’d highlight a few items you may not have been aware of and items to watch for as we prepare to file your 2020 tax returns. #1 Restart/Recovery Grants We all want to get...

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Vehicle Deductions – Corporate or Personal Ownership

A little tax edition “Jeopardy” feature for you today (insert theme song here – we know you know it). Before we get to the Daily Double, what are you wagering? Here’s the question - Should I buy/lease my vehicle in my corporation or personally? Our answer - What is...

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The latest from Vertefeuille Rempel

Referral Prize Package #10

Maybe you took up a new hobby like running last year? Or you’re missing out on the regular massage, chiro, physio appointments? If the body is feeling a little less than stellar these days, we have a treat for you! It may even help you get an early jump on your tax...

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What do you MEME it’s not funny?!

Always good to find ways to laugh. We’ve kept a small compilation of screenshots we’ve found humorous recently. Don’t judge us too harshly. We are accountants after all…… Have a favorite? Send it our way! *Spoiler alert - of course we would never do anything...

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Referral Prize Package #9 we need to say more? It is our pleasure to partner with a long-time client, Trialto Wine Group Ltd., for this quarter's prize package. We are thrilled to have the Trialto team select Riedel glassware and several bottles of their favorite wine for your...

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Netflix and Chill – VR Edition

With travel restrictions in place all summer, the VR team did our best to get creative. We took advantage of our Fridays off for a few trips to Invermere and the mountains. And we had to test the Lime scooters since they matched our VR colors! Since most of you are...

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VR Staff Spotlight – Eaton Xing

And the award for VR's longest serving team member goes to...Eaton Xing! Eaton has been working with VR since 2007 (or as far as Jodi's memories go). He is also the most quiet person in the office except for when he's having a healthy "discussion" with...

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Referral Prize Package #8

BBQ is not just for summers and backyards anymore. We're picturing a cool Saturday in fall, a cabin outside the city, a hike in the mountains, or maybe, someday, actual tailgating at a Stamps game. What is your favorite place to BBQ? Continuing our fun appliance saga,...

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