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New in the 2018 Federal Budget

Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Generally, taxpayers are exempt from paying capital gains tax when their primary homes are sold. Historically, no filings/disclosures were required in order to qualify for the exemption. For 2017 and forward, taxpayers are required...

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Paying the Tax Man

Tax payments can now be made with cash or debit at any Canada Post outlet. However, to pay in person, you need to request a payment form from us. No problem! We got that, just give us a shout and we can email, fax or mail one to you. Of course, there are old-fashioned...

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Top 5 Important Tax Changes in 2018

There have been a lot of changes to the tax code in the last year. Trying to cherry-pick the most important changes was a challenge, but we’ve narrowed it down to the Top 5 as we see them. So, with a little less fanfare than David Letterman might offer, here are our Top 5 Tax Changes for Business Owners.

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VR News

The latest from Vertefeuille Rempel

VR Summer Scoop

VR will be closed for all the Fridays in July and August but not to worry, we will always have you covered! With so much time off, I bet you are wondering what the VR team is getting up to? Jodi Rempel This summer Jodi is slowing things down and spending time doing...

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VR Staff Spotlight – Greg Schild

Greg is VR’s newest team member and he’s jumping into action during our busiest time of year! You just know he is going to fit in with the team when he brings beer to the team training event. We’ve been asking Greg a few questions about life outside of VR...

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Blast from the Past

What could possibly be better than seeing a throwback edition of your favorite accounting team?! If you're not on social media, you wouldn’t be aware that the internet is blowing up with “blast from the past” pictures. We wanted to stay on trend and share some of the...

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Referral Prize Package #4

Have you been wanting to celebrate or connect with friends? Here’s an easy way to have all the fun without the work. At VR, we’re all about finding ways to make your life easier. Usually this relates to tax and accounting, but we think you’ll enjoy this shift in our...

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VR Staff Spotlight – Alex Glydon

Meet the newest addition to VR, Alex Glydon! (The human in the picture…not the dog). He just started with VR in August but has become an incredible asset to the team and has made himself right at home here. Oh, except for the fact that he’ll be over 4,500...

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Summer Highlights!

Jodi Rempel Many of you probably already know that Jodi is super active! If she's not throwing axes or trying out the new ninja gym in Calgary, she's knocking people around at derby! This is indeed a full contact sport! Her team did an amazing job and took home bronze...

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