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Top 5 Important Tax Changes in 2018

There have been a lot of changes to the tax code in the last year. Trying to cherry-pick the most important changes was a challenge, but we’ve narrowed it down to the Top 5 as we see them. So, with a little less fanfare than David Letterman might offer, here are our Top 5 Tax Changes for Business Owners.

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VR News

The latest from Vertefeuille Rempel

VR Staff Spotlight – Alex Glydon

Meet the newest addition to VR, Alex Glydon! (The human in the picture…not the dog). He just started with VR in August but has become an incredible asset to the team and has made himself right at home here. Oh, except for the fact that he’ll be over 4,500...

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Summer Highlights!

Jodi Rempel Many of you probably already know that Jodi is super active! If she's not throwing axes or trying out the new ninja gym in Calgary, she's knocking people around at derby! This is indeed a full contact sport! Her team did an amazing job and took home bronze...

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VR Staff Spotlight – Marina Arcuri

Our Marina A. (with two Marina’s, we need to keep them straight!) joined us in November 2015, and in the ensuing 2 ½ years has made herself a valued asset for both our firm and our clients. She’s probably the first smiling face you see when you come to our...

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Referral Prize Package #2 – For Technophiles

Our Client referral campaign continues with a prize package that’s perfect for the technology enthusiast. Send in your referrals before the end of June, and you could win our next great package, “High Tech My Tech”, the very latest 4K HDR Apple TV. We’ve even included...

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We weren’t cooking the books, but we sure were cooking!

We loved this so much at last year’s VR staff party, we had to try the class again. We all had a grand time cooking up a delicious feast with Chef Alex Hamilton at the Cookbook Company Cooks. And the food was so delicious, we wanted to share a couple of...

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Reefer Madness?

Did we say “Reefer”? Sorry, we meant “Referral.” No, we are not talking about the impeding legalization of marijuana. We’re talking about the fantastic new client referral program we’ve cooked up just for you. (Well, it’s kind of for us too, but we...

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