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We weren’t cooking the books, but we sure were cooking!

We loved this so much at last year’s VR staff party, we had to try the class again. We all had a grand time cooking up a delicious feast with Chef Alex Hamilton at the Cookbook Company Cooks. And the food was so delicious, we wanted to share a couple of...

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Reefer Madness?

Did we say “Reefer”? Sorry, we meant “Referral.” No, we are not talking about the impeding legalization of marijuana. We’re talking about the fantastic new client referral program we’ve cooked up just for you. (Well, it’s kind of for us too, but we...

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Welcome to our new website!

In this new site, we are pleased to bring you a host of features, news and bells and whistles that we hope you will find of use to you and your growing business. We’ve also made it easy for you to send us your financial files in a safe and secure manner through our...

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