Did we say “Reefer”? Sorry, we meant “Referral.

No, we are not talking about the impeding legalization of marijuana. We’re talking about the fantastic new client referral program we’ve cooked up just for you. (Well, it’s kind of for us too, but we designed it with you in mind.)

We are ready to grow our business, and the best source of new business is always happy, satisfied customers. So, in order to encourage YOU to encourage your friends and business peers to consider a really knowledgeable, hardworking business and accounting firm (that’s us), we have a terrific line-up of incentives to remind you we are always looking for that next great client.

We promise to make it worth your while!

If you know of someone who could use our particular brand of fantastic accounting services, send us their name or e-mail. We’ll do all the legwork, and you’ll get to reap the rewards! And the rewards are fantastic. Once they are a bonafide VR client, you are eligible to win anything from fantastic wines to dinner by a gourmet chef. There’s an exciting new prize package every quarter. Our first draw will be at the end of March, so please starting thinking about who you might refer.

Even if your contact doesn’t turn into a full-fledged client, we promise to send you something for your efforts when we meet with them.

Our first referral incentive is an “Easy Gourmet” prize package worth approximately $500. Your package includes an array of gourmet gifts and a $250 gift certificate to Chef’s Plate. In case you haven’t heard of Chef’s Plate before, it’s a gourmet dinner delivery service that brings delicious, locally sourced ingredients to your door based on dinner menus that you select. Perfect for busy business owners like you!

You can find out more about Chef’s Plate here.

So send us your referral and who knows? Maybe you’ll be eating from a Chef’s Plate this spring.